Publications Interationales

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Publications Interationales

- Djerrab-Ruault M et Kechid-Benkferouf F. (2010) : Micropaleontological study (foraminifera, ostracods) and characterization of the paleoenvironment of middle Cretaceous deposits (Dj. Chemla, N-E Algeria) Arabian Journal of Geosciences. Doi 10.1007/s12517-010-0186-2.


- Chettih M., Mesbah M. (2010) :Hydrodynamic behavior analysis of Saharian Aquifers with Continuous Wavelet Transform, (research Journal of Environmental Sciences) 4 (S) : 421-432.

- Pons J.M. ; Vicens E. ; Chikhi-Aouimeur F. et Abdallah H : (2010) : Taxonomical and biostraphical significance of the North-African Radiolitid Rudist Bivalve Praeradiolites biskraensis (Coquand 1880). Paleontology ; pp.1-53. 

 - Pons J.M. ; Vicens E. ; Chikhi-Aouimeur F. et Abdallah H. (2010) : Albian Eoradiolites (Bivalvia Radiolitidae) from djabel Naïmia Gafsa region, Tunisia with revisional studies on the Albian form of the genus. J. Paleontology, 84 ; 2 ; pp. 321-331.

-Saïbi H. ; Mesbah M. ; Semar A. et Ehara S. (2008) : Variographic analysis of water data from the Oued Souf phreatic aquifer, northeastern part of the Algerian Sahara. Arab Journal Geoscience, Saudi Society for Geoscience, December.